Beverley Farm Cattery

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TERMS AND CONDITIONS. The Cat Owner agrees to the following terms and conditions:

1. Vaccinations - a current vaccination record card must be presented prior to a cat's boarding. Vaccinations required are for infectious feline enteritis, feline respiratory disease and FeLV  and any other relevant diseases. Vaccinations must have been completed 4 weeks before the first date of boarding. A shorter time period is only acceptable for booster vaccinations, or where suitable veterinary evidence is provided.

2. Worm & Flea treatment - Cats must be treated for worms and fleas in advance of their stay.

3. The Cattery reserves the right to refuse admission of any cat deemed unfit for boarding.

4. Liability - Whilst every care will be given to all cats they, and any items left, are boarded and transported (if required) at the cat owner’s risk. The Cattery owners do not accept any liability for any loss, damage or injury to any person or belongings whilst using or visiting the cattery, or its parking area.

5. Veterinary treatment -The cat owner  hereby authorises the Cattery to call a veterinary surgeon (nominated by the Cattery) on the cat owner’s behalf should it be considered necessary. All resulting veterinary fees will be liable for payment, by the Cat Owner, directly to the instructed Veterinary practice. The attending vet has overall say in the treatment (including  euthanasia) of the cat. All veterinary charges will be payable by the Cat owner and the Cat Owner is hereby made aware that no veterinary insurance cover is provided by the Cattery.

6. Any part of the day stayed at the Cattery counts as a whole day in terms of payments due.

7. Deposit - a non-refundable deposit of the higher of either £20, or 25% of the total payment applicable for the cat's stay, is payable on placing a booking. Any remaining payment is required on the cat's arrival at the cattery.

8. Payment Methods - preferred payment methods are cash, or bank transfer.  As cheques are no longer guaranteed by the banks, if you wish to pay this way then the cheque should be supplied with sufficient time to allow it to be cleared before arrival at the cattery.

9. Booking confirmation – bookings can only be held where a booking form and deposit have been supplied.

10. Cancellations within 2 weeks of the commencement of the cat’s booked stay will result in the whole fee, for the entire booking, being due for payment, unless the pen is re-let for the duration of the booked stay. Failure to arrive for a booking will also result in the full fee, for the entire booking, being due for payment.

11. Emergency Contacts - in the event of an emergency at the cattery we will make contact with the emergency contact provided. Please make sure the emergency contact is aware of this, and able to take (or arrange) care of your cat in such an eventuality. Their contact details will be shared with emergency staff/services if required.

12. Cats which remain unclaimed 14 days after the stated boarding period end date, and in the absence of any communication from the owner or their emergency contact/next of kin, will be presumed to have been abandoned.

13. Drop off and pick up times of cats is by appointment only between the hours of 9am and 6pm Mon-Fri and 9am to 4pm on Saturdays. Please agree these times when booking. Please note we are closed on Sundays and Bank holidays.

14. Sharing pens - Only cats from the same household may share units. The price quoted (and displayed on our website) for multiple cats is priced assuming cats can be housed in the same pen. If you wish your cats to be housed in separate pens please let the Cattery know. In which case the individual cat prices will be charged, for each staying cat.

15. Peak periods - For Christmas & New Year, the Easter weekend, and the month of August the minimum fee is the equivalent of five days boarding fees.

16. Your contract with us - These terms & conditions form the basis of our contract with you. By placing a booking, making a payment or attending the cattery itself, implies acceptance of these conditions.

Other items of information for the Cat Owner

17. Bedding – all pens have a cat basket and soft bedding. Cat owners are very welcome to bring their own soft bedding, toys or any comfort items, for use during their cat's stay however these need be clean and bedding is required to be newly washed in advance of your cat's stay.

 18. Food – we provide a selection of quality dry and wet foods (including Whiskas, Felix and IAMs) and  we will provide the nearest food we have to your cat's normal diet.   If your cat requires a specific brand,  you are welcome to bring additional food with you  (please note this must be branded food only).

 19. Website – From time to time we update the Cattery’s website picture gallery with photographs of our recent cat guests. Please let the Cattery know if you prefer your cat not to be included.